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Case Study: Glen Eyrie Conference Center

Grounds Irrigation
SYSTEM: Stream water irrigation intake
APPLICATION: Surface raw water source
PARTICULATE SEPARATED: Fish, organic, inorganic, detritus
PROCESS EQUIPMENT: HydraScreen® wedge-wire screen intake diversion

Nestled in the foothills near Colorado Springs is the beautiful Glen Eyrie Conference Center. Running through the Glen Eyrie property is a stream providing raw water used to irrigate the grounds. Excess water from this supply is sold to local golf courses. The amount of particulate in the water reduced the price at which Glen Eyrie was able to sell the excess water. The organic and inorganic particulate in the stream required daily maintenance at wye strainers that protected the irrigation nozzles. Without the wye strainers, the irrigation nozzles would rapidly clog. The filtration system in place before EFS’s solution was a rudimentary settling basin and coarse screen at the system intake, which also required daily maintenance.

Figure 1. Before EFS, Glen Eyrie was using a rudimentary settling basin and coarse screen to filter their system intake. This coarse screen required almost daily maintenance.

EFS first designed and installed a pilot screening system designed to filter 400-gpm. When the client realized the added value of efficient filtering and reduced maintenance, they requested that a larger unit be built. EFS then used 3-D modeling software to design a custom 2000-gpm HydraScreen® intake diversion to replace the rudimentary coarse screen filtration. The existing dam was modified to accommodate the HydraScreen, and a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) piping retreat was connected to the existing HDPE irrigation line. As a result, maintenance is no longer required at the intake, and the sprinkler heads are no longer obstructed. Glen Eyrie is now able to sell more water at higher quality to the local golf courses with virtually no maintenance downtime.

Figure 2. Before the 2000-gpm HydraScreen® was designed, EFS installed a 400-gpm pilot screen.

Figure 3. With EFS's custom-designed 2000-gpm HydraScreen®, Glen Eyrie is now able to sell more water, at a higher quality, with virtually no maintenance at the system intake. Clogged wye strainers and irrigation nozzles are no longer an issue.

Figure 4. The 3-D computer representation of the Glen Eyrie intake diversion and piping retreat.


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