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Case Study: Wood Pallet Washer Conveyor Filter

Washer Conveyor Filter
APPLICATION: Wood Pallet Skidwasher Conveyor
PARTICULATE SEPARATED: Wood chips & fibers
PROCESS EQUIPMENT: HydraKleen® Liquid-Solid Separator on Washer Conveyor

An engine remanufacturer wanted cleaner wooden skids for shipping finished engines. To maintain skid quality, the skidwasher conveyor water and chemical additive were dumped and refreshed every two days. Maintenance was high with constant skid rework and clearing wood chips from obstructed spray nozzles. Under this arrangement, operation, maintenance and water/wastewater costs were extremely high.

EFS Delivers...Solid Removal

Dirty wooden skids on conveyer belt entering washer conveyor

EFS installed its HydraKleen® Liquid-Solid Separator in sidestream to the reservoir tank of the skidwasher conveyor. HydraKleen® extended the life of water and chemical additive from 2 days to 2 weeks. Nozzle obstruction is virtually eliminated and overall maintenance reduced, resulting in much higher product throughput. With installation of HydraKleen, water/wastewater costs are dramatically reduced and skid quality remarkably improved.

Skid Washer and Nozzles

(Left) Wooden skids come out clean with HydraKleen separator;
(Right) with HydraKleen, spray nozzles are now free from obstruction for assuring high-pressure spray


Problem SolvedEFS Delivers...Solid Removal

Solid Removal
HydraKleen separates wood chips from washer conveyor spray water

EFS Delivers...Solid Removal

Closeup of wood chips being separated from washer conveyor water


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