CASE STUDY 2  -  Water Treatment and Fluid Solutions

Case Study: Gas & Diesel Engine Rinse Tanks

Filter on Aja Lif Immersion/Agitation Tank
Automotive Remanufacturing
APPLICATION: Gas & Diesel Engine Rinse Tanks
PARTICULATE SEPARATED: Gasket material, casting sand, and rust
PROCESS EQUIPMENT: HydraKleen Filter System on Immersion/Agitation Tanks

After leaving a molten salt cleaning system, engine blocks are immersed and agitated in process rinse tanks to remove gasket material, casting sand, and rust. To maintain product quality, water and chemical additive were dumped and refreshed every 2 days, resulting in high water/wastewater costs. Moreover, product throughput went to zero while dumping and refreshing the process rinse tanks.

Product throughput undesirably goes to zero and stacks up on conveyor when dumping and refreshing rinse tanks

EFS installed the HydraKleen® Liquid-Solid Separator in sidestream on four Aja Lif immersion/agitation tanks, removing the gasket material, casting sand, and rust, turning dumps every 2 days into dumps every 2 weeks. HydraKleen® increased product throughput significantly, while greatly reducing operation, maintenance and water/wastewater costs. Product quality is now greatly improved at a much lower cost.

High product throughput resumes with installation of HydraKleen filter



Solid Removal
HydraKleen filters immersion/agitation rinse tanks

EFS Delivers...Solid Removal

Solid Removal
HydraKleen effectively captures gasket material, casting sand, and rust in filter basket


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