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Case Study: Quench Water Process Tank Following Molten Salt Bath

Sidestream Clarifier on Kolene Quench Tank
INDUSTRY: Automotive Remanufacturing
APPLICATION: Quench water process tank following molten salt bath
PARTICULATE SEPARATED: Heavy metals, metal hydroxides, and fines
PROCESS EQUIPMENT: Clariflo® Heavy Metal Extraction System

Engine blocks, crankshafts, and oil pans are immersed in 750° F molten salt and then cold-quenched in a 2200-gal process tank whose hydroxide, TSS, and TDS concentrations quickly elevate, requiring daily refresh to maintain product quality. High maintenance and water/wastewater treatment costs are associated with this arrangement. A cooling tower, sidestreaming the cold quench tank, obstructs with metal hydroxides precipitating and accumulating in the tower, degrading its cooling capacity.

Reducing Water/Wastewater Costs
Cooling tower obstructs from quenching engine parts in process water

EFS installed its Clariflo® Industrial Clarification System, sidestreaming the cold quench tank. By additionally cascading process tanks within the system, daily water consumption decreased from 3300 gpd to 300 gpd. Product throughput is increased, while maintenance and water/wastewater costs are greatly reduced. Product quality is improved at a much lower cost. Heavy metals are disposed in solid form, rather than as dissolved solids in wastewater streams. The cooling tower is not obstructed anymore, and average salt concentration levels in the cold-quench tank are desirably much lower on average than before. Clariflo® proved to be an outstanding addition to the Kolene Molten Salt Cleaning System.

Product throughput greatly increased with Clariflo® installation


EFS Delivers... Clarifo Quench Tank

Heavy Metal Extraction
Sidestreaming the cold quench tank

EFS Delivers...Heavy Metal Extraction

Fully-packaged Clariflo® heavy metal extraction system improves product quality at a much lower cost


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