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Case Study: Golf Course Irrigation

Golf Course Irrigation
SYSTEM: Ditch water irrigation intake
APPLICATION: Surface raw water source (ditch water)
PARTICULATE SEPARATED: Fish, organic, inorganic, and detritus
PROCESS EQUIPMENT: HydraScreen Wedge-Wire screen intake diversion

Salida Golf Course, one of Colorado’s oldest courses, sits in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. Total summer rainfall averages 3 inches, making it necessary to irrigate the course artificially. A seasonal ditch, flowing from snowmelt, supplies raw water to the irrigation system. A rudimentary perforated pipe intake submerged in the ditch frequently clogs from solids that accumulate and block the perforations -- this severely limits water supply to the irrigation system. Excessive maintenance is required to clear these solids at the intake to restore adequate flow. Under this arrangement, some of the solids pass through the intake’s perforations and obstruct the irrigation heads -- again, this requires excessive maintenance to clear obstructions from the clogged spray nozzles.

the old golf course irrigation ditch

EFS custom-designed a HydraScreen® intake diversion that replaced the original perforated pipe intake, now providing an increased supply of filtered water to the irrigation system. With the new HydraScreen, maintenance is no longer required at the intake and irrigation nozzles are no longer obstructed. With increased water supply, EFS installed a higher capacity irrigation pump, allowing the golf course to complete their irrigation cycles in shorter time, with far greater water coverage.

Salida Golf Club is now in the green!


EFS Delivers...the final result!

“My new HydraScreen is the best piece of equipment I've ever bought!”

Jim Luchetta
Salida Golf Course Superintendent


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