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Case Study: Agricultural Irrigation

Agricultural Irrigation
SYSTEM: Texas Longhorn ranch irrigation
APPLICATION: Surface water source (mountain stream)
PARTICULATE SEPARATED: Organic, inorganic, detritus & fish
PROCESS EQUIPMENT: HydraScreen Wedge-Wire Screen intake diversion

The Jones Ranch raises a proud 30-head of Texas Longhorn Steer. A mountain creek supplies a side-roll watering system that irrigates an 85-acre grazing pasture on the ranch. A rudimentary flat screen intake structure allowed relatively large solid debris in the creek to enter the irrigation system, clogging spray nozzles. During the summer, ranch hands were required to trudge from spray head to spray head, constantly clearing nozzle obstructions. Under this arrangement, maintenance costs were exceedingly high.

Improving a  Ruined Irrigation Ditch
(Left) Rudimentary flat intake screen undesirably passes large debris into irrigation system, which obstructs irrigation spray nozzle heads;
(Right) flat screen discarded and replaced with enhanced HydraScreen intake system

EFS custom-designed a HydraScreen® intake diversion that replaced the original flat intake screen. With installation of the new HydraScreen, maintenance is no longer required in clearing obstructed spray nozzles -- ranch-hands are now back to raising steer.

Longhorn Ranch

HydraScreen eliminates clogged irrigation lines and nozzles in sideroll water irrigation system......


EFS Delivers...

"This HydraScreen works great, I am tickled to death about more clogged irrigation nozzles and no more muskrats, fish or snakes clogg'n my irrigation lines."

Dr. Ron Jones
Jones Ranch -- Texas Longhorns


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