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Case Study: Headworks Drinking Water

Headworks Drinking Water
SYSTEM: Drinking water (small system)
APPLICATION: Surface source (creek water)
PARTICULATE SEPARATED: Fish, organic, inorganic, and detritus
PROCESS EQUIPMENT: HydraScreen Wedge-Wire Screen intake diversion

The townspeople of Naselle, Washington severely needed an improved intake on their surface water supply for drinking water. The existing intake was a bed filter on a seasonal creek whose granular media frequently obstructed with solids that reduced influent flows to the drinking water treatment plant. Plant Operators were frequently awakened at all hours of the night to reestablish flow to meet demand.

Old bed media intake filter rapidly clogs, requiring excessive maintenance

Working with Fish & Wildlife and State of Washington Department of Health, EFS redesigned a dam structure on the seasonal creek and, also, installed its HydraScreen® intake diversion. With installation of HydraScreen®, adequate flow of source water is maintained to the drinking water treatment plant, leaving the Plant Operator with virtually no maintenance at the intake.

New HydraScreen® installation functionally replaces rudimentary bed media filter, relieving Water Treatment Plant Operator of excessive maintenance


EFS Delivers... Municipal Water Solutions

Municipal Water Filtration
HydraScreen® intake prescreens creek water feeding Naselle Water Treatment Plant


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