Clariflo - Liquid / Solid Clarification

CLARIFLO® Heavy Metal Extraction and Clarification Systems

Clariflo® is a complete-packaged industrial clarification system developed by EFS for extracting heavy metals, dissolved solids, and suspended solids from process waters. EFS pioneered the design and development of Clariflo® to provide a more affordable clarification system. With Clariflo®, industrial waters may be reused, dramatically reducing operation and maintenance costs.

Cost Savings:

  • Reduces on-site waste treatment costs
  • Reduces municipal waste treatment costs
  • Reduces environmental cost burden
  • Incremental costs greatly reduced
  • No consumable media and disposable pH probes not required
  • Reduces purchasing, administration and inventory costs
  • Reduces disposal costs
  • Reduces water supply costs
  • Reduces operational and maintenance costs
  • Reduces opportunity costs with increased product throughput
  • Fewer product returns and decreased product rework
  • Reduces cost in consuming less chemical additives
  • Reduces solids carryout and carryover

With Clariflo®, operators are not stopping operation, dumping the process tanks, and descending into them every evening to clean and refresh. Instead, now, daily operation is uninterrupted, realizing higher product throughput. Product quality is improved and consistent.

EFS developed Clarifo® in responding to the needs of industry -- simply, Industry wanted a more affordable clarifier, requiring only minimal effort to operate, maintain and control. Clariflo® relies on enhanced physio-chemical sedimentation for removing salts, heavy metals and suspended solids from industrial process waters. Clariflo® allows industry to significantly extend the life of process water and thereby reduce operation and maintenance-related costs. With Clariflo®, heavy metals, instead of being discharged in soluble form in industrial wastewaters, are desirably precipitated as metal hydroxides, ultimately being disposed more amenably in solid form to the environment.

Clarifo® works on enhanced sedimentation from chemically induced pH adjustment across inclined settling surfaces. Using rugged plastic tube modules, periodic tank inspections and cleaning are easily performed by simply removing the modules. With Clariflo® systems, product quality is improved with greater product throughput. One of the main initiatives behind the development of Clariflo® was to transfer the bulk of maintenance responsibility to easily accessed outboard points on the Clariflo® system without interrupting the main process -- the result is an overall system that is operated and maintained more efficiently than conventional clarification systems.

Clariflo® comes packaged with all necessary equipment and is easy to erect, assemble and install. The systems are custom-fitted for your application and include on-site installation, startup, monitoring and follow-up. As needed, preliminary laboratory analyses and pilot trials are conducted by EFS to size systems and establish overall efficacy.

Clarifo Heavy Metal Extraction System
Clariflo® Heavy Metal Extraction Systems now offer industry an affordable clarification technology for significantly reducing water consumption and wastewater treatment.

Clariflo® Brochure
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Clariflo - Liquid Clarification

Delivering Quality Performance
With Clarifo®, quench water consumption is reduced from 3300 gpd to 300 gpd.............

Sidestream Clarifier on Kolene Quench Tank
INDUSTRY: Automotive Remanufacturing
APPLICATION: Quench water process tank following molten salt bath
PARTICULATE SEPARATED: Heavy metals, metal hydroxides, and fines
PROCESS EQUIPMENT: Clariflo® Heavy Metal Extraction System
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All products and equipment provided by EFS are guaranteed on quality and performance. EFS offers this guarantee by understanding the risks associated with engineering projects, and having expertise in formulating and implementing design strategies that optimally manage these risks.

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